Whether you own a restaurant that serves in-house smoked meats and barbecue, you have a pizza brick oven right in the kitchen, or grill in your food truck, you know that the wood you use affects the flavor of your food. Your customers expect amazing flavors when they dine with you, so you can’t settle for just any wood.

The best dishes deserves the best flavor, and the best flavor comes from top quality restaurant cooking wood.

At Firewood Hawaii, we provide firewood to restaurants that give all of your dishes that authentic Hawaiian smokey flavors. Whatever types of foods you make, you will see a difference with our premium Hawaiian cooking firewood.


  • We are reliable. We understand that your restaurant depends on our firewood being there on time, when we agreed to deliver it. We understand that emergencies happen and people forget. We've got your back.
  • We have sustainable supply for demand. All our wood is sourced from our tree service business and other tree recycling business which gives us the supply we need for the demand. We also only use Hawaiian hardwood trees that is removed for safety or clearing project. We don't remove trees for the sole source of our firewood.