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When you think of Hawaii the last thing you would think of is Firewood. But Hawaii has the best hardwood trees for cooking and campfire that can only be found here on the Hawaiian islands, which is great for bbq or making a bonfire giving you that authentic Hawaiian smoke flavor and sweet smokey aroma.

We notice that there were a lot of people selling firewood in Hawaii when they would clear their land or trim their trees but the problem we have seen is that they were not consistent with supplying the demand, the quality of the dried firewood, and the specs of cut wood. So we decided to start keeping all our hardwood logs from our tree removal jobs to dry and split and run it like a real business to always have the inventory of quality firewood available for restaurants, backyard griller, to families wanting to make smores in their backyard anytime during the year. Also, help recycle the woods we get from our tree service projects instead of just dumping

Firewood Hawaii was originally known as HTM which started in 1999 as a tree service company. As we started to grow and get a lot of sales on our firewood product we decided to open Firewood Hawaii and separate it from the tree service division in 2020.

Our dedication to using all-natural sustainable firewood selected hardwood trees that are recycled either from overgrown or unsafe trees from our tree trimming and removal jobs means we care about giving back to the environment and Mother Earth. Firewood Hawaii is a green company with an ongoing effort to ensure an eco-friendly tomorrow.

Our firewood products are Eco-Friendly all-natural with no chemicals or glues. We use sustainable hardwood for our firewood products like Kiawe logs, Ironwood logs, Guava logs, Monkey Pod logs, Mango logs, Lychee Logs, and Coconut Husk for our fire starters.


160 Ahui Street Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Mon - Fri, 7:00 am - 4:00 pm HST. On-Line Store 24 Hours
PH: 808-909-9023

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