Bringing Nature's Best to Your Business

At Firewood Hawaii, we ensure reliable delivery of locally-sourced Kiawe, Ironwood, and Strawberry Guava wood, fostering enduring partnerships with Hawaiian businesses as a trusted, locally owned and operated supplier.

 We understand that reliable, high-quality firewood is essential for your business, and we're dedicated to delivering just that. With us, you can always count on:

Dependable Service: We pride ourselves on being a trustworthy partner for your firewood needs.
Free On-time Delivery: Timeliness is key in business, and we guarantee prompt, free delivery to keep your operations smooth.
Superior Quality Wood: Our firewood is dry, consistent, and of the highest quality, ensuring the best experience for your customers.
30-Day Credit Lines for Approved Customers: We understand that cash is important to any business and we offer a 30-day credit line to our valued customers.
We are NOT just your Firewood Supplier but we will be a part of your Team!: We understand that running a business is hard and the last thing you need to worry about is running out of firewood or charcoal. Our team will monitor and track the burn rate of how fast you use your firewood or charcoal and will give recommendations on how much and how often you should get our product deliveries. We will also do friendly follow-ups and stop-bys to your business to make sure you are stocked up and will not run out of firewood or charcoal.

 Elevate Your Menu, Naturally

1. Elevated Flavor Profile: Premium firewood from Kiawe, Ironwood, and Strawberry Guava enhances dishes with complex flavors, raising menu quality.

2. Artisanal and Exclusive Experience: Using our distinct firewood not only adds exclusivity but also demonstrates a commitment to craftsmanship, enriching the dining experience.

3. Storytelling and Emotional Connection: Our locally-sourced firewood allows for rich storytelling, forging deeper emotional connections and elevating the overall dining experience.


Satisfied Customers

Committed to Sustainability and Natural Excellence

At Firewood Hawaii, our dedication to the environment and quality is reflected in every piece of wood we deliver.

Sustainably Sourced: Our wood comes from responsible tree removal operations, ensuring we contribute positively to Hawaii's natural balance.
Naturally Seasoned & Pure: We season our wood for at least 6 months and maintain its purity with no additives, ensuring a perfect, clean burn every time.
Consistent High Quality: We ensure every piece of our firewood is properly cut and thoroughly dried, focusing on delivering a reliable, high-quality product for your business needs.
    Our firewood racks are competitively priced and includes free delivery!

    If you'd like to learn more or see our operations firsthand, we invite you to call us at (808) 630-3424

    We are excited about the opportunity to work with you and help your business thrive!


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