Collection: Natural Hawaiian Firewood for Smoking

Whether you live locally and are craving a taste of home, or you live across the water and need to spice up your hearth or grill, we can deliver. Our firewood, while great for giving fireplaces and campfires an authentic scent, is also excellent firewood for smoking or barbecuing.
  • - Kiawe wood is a favorite of Hawaii because of its smokey sweet and unique flavor profile. Mesquite fans will appreciate a BBQ with Kiawe wood.
  • - Strawberry Guava wood will infuse meats and veggies with a semi-sweet, smoky flavor.
  • - Ironwood is a great choice of firewood for smoking, as it provides a more intense heat with subtle flavors for all-purpose grilling and smoking.
  • - Lychee wood is famous for smoking pecking duck. Mildly smoky and sweet flavor. Compliments well with poultry.
  • - Mango wood is great for smoking or bbq that would give your food a special flavor and slightly sweetish taste.

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