Collection: Guava Wood

Strawberry guava smoke offers a unique and fruity taste with a hint of tartness. It imparts a subtle sweetness reminiscent of strawberries, combined with a tangy and tropical nuance.

Pairs well with:

Pork: Enhances the flavors of pork chops, tenderloin, and ribs.
Poultry: Complements chicken and turkey with a hint of tropical sweetness.
Citrus Fruits: Adds a tangy smokiness to oranges, lemons, and grapefruits.
Leafy Greens: Elevates the taste of spinach, kale, and arugula with a fruity undertone.
Fresh Herbs: Enhances the aroma of herbs like basil, mint, and cilantro.
Tropical Cocktails: Infuses a smoky element into fruity cocktails like margaritas or mojitos.

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