About Firewood Hawaii

Your Source for Sustainable and Authentic Firewood Experiences!

When you envision Hawaii, firewood might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, our beautiful islands are home to some of the finest hardwood trees, perfect for cooking, barbecues, and creating mesmerizing campfires that creates an authentic Hawaiian smoke flavor and a sweet, smokey aroma.

We are overjoyed for being the go-to destination for premium Hawaiian firewood for many.

Here are a few reasons why we stand out:

Sustainable Sourcing

Our firewood is sustainably sourced from our tree trimming removal jobs. Almost all trees we remove are deemed unsafe or invasive. This ensures  the utmost care for our environment and promotes healthy forest ecosystems.

Safe Processing

We process our firewood free of all chemicals and glues. You can rest assured knowing our products are safe and natural.

Commitment to Reforestation

We care about the future of our forests. With every order placed, we plant one tree through our partnership with OneTreePlanted, contributing to reforestation efforts and preserving the beauty of our natural landscapes for generations to come.

In-House Excellence

We take quality seriously. From sourcing to seasoning, every step of the process is carefully managed in-house to ensure the highest standards are met. This dedication guarantees that you receive only the finest quality firewood for your heating and cooking needs.

When it comes to our firewood products, we believe in keeping it natural and chemical-free. We never use glues or harmful chemicals in our processing. Instead, we rely on the inherent qualities of our sustainable hardwood.

Our diverse range includes Kiawe, Ironwood, Guava, Monkey Pod, Mango, Lychee, and even Coconut Husk fire starters.

Whether you're planning a BBQ, a restaurant owner seeking the finest wood for your menu, or simply want to gather around a campfire with your loved ones, Firewood Hawaii is here to provide you with sustainably harvested, naturally dried, premium Hawaiian firewood. 

Choose Firewood Hawaii for an unforgettable firewood experience rooted in sustainability and the genuine essence of Hawaii.

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