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Ironwood Split Firewood Half Cord - (6) 2' X 4' Racks

Ironwood Split Firewood Half Cord - (6) 2' X 4' Racks

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Our Ironwood burns less hot than Kiawe, and it offers a sweet aroma that will provide your home with a welcoming atmosphere for your family and guests alike. Our Ironwood Firewood is absolutely amazing.

The Ironwood Half Cord is (6) of our 2' x 4' that can fit through any standard door and can be stored and moved easily. It has enough firewood for 50 -60 cookouts.

All our wood comes in our custom steel rack and we will leave the rack at your home or business for up to 3 months. When you use all the firewood and decide to place an order, we will return with a full rack and then remove your empty rack.

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