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32-CT Huli Husk Charcoal Or Firewood Starter

32-CT Huli Husk Charcoal Or Firewood Starter

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Our Huli Husk - Natural Fire Starters are great for Burn Wood Stove Grill, Fireplace, Camping, Imu, Fire Pit, BBQ, Chimney, Brick Oven.

Huli Husk fire starter is made of all-natural hardwood and food-grade wax. Our fire starter doesn't smell or smokes - ideal lighter for indoor and outdoor use.

Unlike the usual fire starter squares, fire starter cubes, or lighting nuggets, Firewood Hawaii's Huli Husk fire starters consist exclusively of all-natural materials, which is safe for cooking.

Huli Husk Fire Starter has a burning time of 6-10 minutes. Need to have among bbq or camping accessories. You need only one piece to light a fire.

It is useful for camping, bonfire, picnics, BBQ, or parties. It does not take up much space and does not require special storage.

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