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Kiawe Charcoal Rack - (8) 20lb bags

Kiawe Charcoal Rack - (8) 20lb bags

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Kiawe Charcoal Rack - Only Available On Oahu

Discover the rich flavors of our Kiawe Charcoal, perfect for anyone passionate about grilling—whether you're running a restaurant or cooking at home. Known for its savory, smoky flavor with subtle sweetness and nuttiness, our charcoal enhances any grilling experience.

Product Features:
✅ Exceptional flavor enhancement
✅ Consistent heat
✅ Extended burn time
✅ Natural - Free of chemicals and glues
✅ Environmentally conscious and sustainably sourced

Available for just $23.63 per bag, this is our best value offer, including free delivery across Oahu. The charcoal comes in a custom steel rack, which we leave at your location for up to three months. The rack, measuring 2' x 4', fits through standard doors and is easy to move and store. When you are ready to reorder, we’ll exchange your empty rack for a full one.

Ideal for extensive grilling needs at restaurants or home settings committed to quality and flavor.

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