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The process is easy, all you need to do is order a rack of cooking wood on our website, choose the type of wood you prefer, then select free delivery or pick up at our yard when you checkout. We sell our cooking wood in our 2' wide x 4' tall rack in our half cord rack which is 5' long x 2.6' wide x 5' high, and in our full cord rack which is 10' long x 2.6' wide x 5' high. All our wood comes in our custom steel rack with wheels and we will leave the rack at your home or business as long as you need it. When you use all the cooking wood and decide to place an order, we will return with a full rack and then remove your empty rack.


All our products are all-natural with no chemicals or glue added.

Our 2' x 4' Firewood Rack contains enough wood for 10 to 20 cookouts, our Half Cord Firewood Rack measures 5' long x 2.6' wide x 5' high contains enough wood for 50 to 60 cookouts, and our Full Cord Firewood Rack measures 10' long x 2.6' wide x 5' high contains enough wood for 100 to 120 cookouts

We schedule FREE deliveries as soon as we receive the order and typically deliver within a week. If you need firewood sooner, we also offer a next-day delivery service for a fee.

Save yourself a trip to the grocery store or gas station. We'll bring the rack (or racks) of firewood to your home or business and leave it on your front porch or wherever you want us to place it. (Our half cord racks only can be delivered to where our forklift jack has access too) 

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