How long does it take for free local delivery?

We typically deliver your firewood within 5 business days of placing the order. If you are in a rush you can request our next-day delivery for a fee.

Do I need to be home when my firewood is delivered?

You do not need to be there if the area we’re delivering you firewood box or rack is outside your home. When we scheduled your delivery, we’ll ask you where you’d like the firewood placed. If you are a first time customer, it is recommended to clearly mark where we are putting the firewood or firewood rack, if it is not clear.

How do you deliver your firewood products?

We sell and deliver our firewood products in a box and metal or wood rack.

Can you deliver my firewood for me inside my house?

We can put your box and 2' x 4' racks anywhere in your house even upstairs or wherever you need them at for free. Our half cord or full cord custom metal racks wheels can be delivered through any standard door but needs to be leveled and smooth. (This is for local delivery only. Nationwide Shipping will only be delivered to your front door as this service is done by a third party delivery company)

How large is the firewood delivery truck? Will it fit in my driveway?

We have the equipment to satisfy all our sales and distribution team will consider the challenges of each location and determine the best methods to deliver your firewood.

What is the difference between Ironwood and Kiawe?

Ironwood is typically the go-to choice for a first firewood experience. Its low emissions and ability to light quickly and burn through the night always exceed our customers’ expectations. Kiawe has a more dense and vibrant composition, providing a hotter, prettier, and longer burn along with an aroma that is preferred by most.

What type of wood do you sell?

We sell the following spices of Hawaiian firewood Kiawe, Ironwood, Strawberry Guava, Mango, Lychee, Monkey Pod, & Eucalyptus. 

Where do we offer local free delivery?

We offer free local delivery on the island of Oahu only.

Where do we ship to?

We can ship our firewood products to all 50 states including the neighboring Hawaiian Islands Maui, Big Island, Kauai, and Molokai.

Can I keep the metal firewood rack?

All our wood comes in our custom steel rack and we will leave the rack at your home or business as long as you need it. When you use all the firewood and decide to place an order, we will return with a full rack and then remove your empty rack. If you decide you don't need another rack just notify us and we will schedule to have your empty steel rack picked up when we are in your area.